Back to Bedlam

I don’t want to go back I was home over the weekend for the Easter break, it was nice being with friends and family again. I had fun of course and I am sure I added an extra pound because all I did majorly was eat and sleep. It was a good break and IContinue reading “Back to Bedlam”

Favorite Place

Favorite Place I have posted these pictures before because it reflects so much already, its so plain to see the happiness on my face, i’d go to the beach all day of the week if i could, its really peaceful and i get to discard my worries every time i go while watching the swellContinue reading “Favorite Place”

I’d Rather Be

I’d Rather Be… Anyone who knows me knows i love reading and collecting books, its one of  my favorite things to do and i never get tired. I’d choose that any time Also i have been in a long distance relationship for as long as i can remember and being the romantic that i am,Continue reading “I’d Rather Be”