Who do you think you are? How do you step in here And tell me it shouldn’t hurt this much What do you know about pain? When have you ever felt like your life shattered into many pieces broken edges, scattered around you never to be made whole again Tell me, can you describe thisContinue reading “Don’t.”

Tonight, I cried.

Tonight I cried Free flowing nerve wrecking tears Of what I cry for I do not know nor do I care to find out Tonight I cried I willed myself to stop But I couldn’t find the willpower nor the sheer willingness to stop So I cried till I fell asleep And dreamt of fountainsContinue reading “Tonight, I cried.”

I wish today…..

I wish today you would cast all your cares and burdens aside I wish today you would see the beauty that is life around you I wish today you would inhale the fresh air and appreciate the gift that is called healthy I wish today you would think about past glories, the journey so far,Continue reading “I wish today…..”


Some few weeks back, I celebrated my 26th birthday. “How does it feel to be close to 30? What has changed? What is this, what is that” These are some of the questions I was asked; to be very honest, I feel the same. Water has no color and blood is still red. There isContinue reading “26.”

Ink and Paper

Ink and Paper Speech and Sound You and I Far or near Here or there Anywhere, everywhere Words are feelings Rhythms my thoughts Melodies my soul’s whisper And you are my song Prisoner of love Freedom far from sight Passionate laws My soul constantly abiding Love always, pure , undiluted My heart instantly deciding MyContinue reading “Ink and Paper”


Me: Ugh! I need a break Mr X: No! you are just lazy, stop complaining and get working Says the person that doesn’t know the struggle.  It’s okay to take breaks, It’s okay to get some rehabilitation It only means you are human and sometimes, you just can’t go on Take a gap between jobsContinue reading “Break”

Rare Gem

Pure Gold Grand and bold A beauty to behold The Smiths delight Profit for the jeweler Pride for the wearer Luxury for the kings Let the glory be told   Oh pure soul Oh sincere mind Oh caring heart Don’t let the world Take your pureness   Oh wonder of wonders Brilliant lustre of trustContinue reading “Rare Gem”

Gone too long

I have been gone for too long, I have forgotten what it feels like to wake up to the sweet sounds of bird in my backyard and my mother’s voice asking what’s for breakfast I have been gone for too long, I miss my sister’s constant chatter about how tired she is and how sheContinue reading “Gone too long”

Solitude or Adventure?

The need to pack my bags and move away has been on my mind lately I am emotionally unstable, I feel this fierce need to get away from everybody. The disturbing part is I don’t want to tell anyone, not my friends, not even family.  I just want to disappear without a trace, like goContinue reading “Solitude or Adventure?”

Little Victories: 500 Likes !

I do not take any of these for granted. I started this as a hobby, just a place I’d come in once in a while, I wasn’t expecting anyone to engage with my stuff or even like. These days, I see likes, even comments and I get emotional. 500 likes probably looks small but it’sContinue reading “Little Victories: 500 Likes !”