Life without you.

I know we said to let go but part of me still wake up  with a little hope that you might want us back I have always been the one to quell the fire but I know I’d be waiting a long time if I expect you to do anything about the pain we bothContinue reading “Life without you.”

Miss you

Do you miss me like I miss you Its been so lonely lately without you We had something, we had each other It wasn’t love, this was different At some point we were both scared, scared of feeling too much So we decided to take several steps back, no complications, no need for talking, ItContinue reading “Miss you”

You see the signs, don’t you ?

People always leave, this is something that’s been stuck in my head for as long as I can remember. I made a pact with myself while growing up not to get attached to anyone, I realize later how impossible that is, you meet different people every day and its only normal for some to formContinue reading “You see the signs, don’t you ?”