ALIVE or alive…..

What exactly is living? How do you know if you are living life, Is that different from breathing, would you say being alive or perhaps feeling alive, do they really differ or are they all just semantics ? Today I woke up, I am breathing, I am alive but am I living and do IContinue reading “ALIVE or alive…..”

Phases can last forever…

I am a sad writer! is that a good thing? I shouldn’t have to be sad before I get the nagging urge to write but the other option would be to cry; I can’t do that, I am at work. I would like to curl up in one corner and cry till my eyes bulge;Continue reading “Phases can last forever…”


Who do you think you are? How do you step in here And tell me it shouldn’t hurt this much What do you know about pain? When have you ever felt like your life shattered into many pieces broken edges, scattered around you never to be made whole again Tell me, can you describe thisContinue reading “Don’t.”

Tonight, I cried.

Tonight I cried Free flowing nerve wrecking tears Of what I cry for I do not know nor do I care to find out Tonight I cried I willed myself to stop But I couldn’t find the willpower nor the sheer willingness to stop So I cried till I fell asleep And dreamt of fountainsContinue reading “Tonight, I cried.”


Me: Ugh! I need a break Mr X: No! you are just lazy, stop complaining and get working Says the person that doesn’t know the struggle.  It’s okay to take breaks, It’s okay to get some rehabilitation It only means you are human and sometimes, you just can’t go on Take a gap between jobsContinue reading “Break”

Who ?

I haven’t been myself lately, I have been on a low, It is different this time, I might reach out for help MAYBE but It’s like everybody is on the same low, to each his own demon. We can’t help each other. All we do is quietly listen and compare making little exclaim “wow! mineContinue reading “Who ?”


Unawares I am struggling, Trying to stay afloat,  My body can’t hold the wave, The current is too high,   My limbs are failing, Gasping for air,  a deep agonizing pain in my chest Do I keep fighting ?   My thought as the wave pulled me in wheeesh, the sound of my last breath  IsContinue reading “Apnea”

The Magic Ahead

If you keep looking at what’s behind, you won’t see the magic ahead My last post focused on my childhood and how I wish I could go back because things were so much easier back then but the thing is, the past is the past. No matter how sweet and glamorous it was, it isContinue reading “The Magic Ahead”

Back to Bedlam

I don’t want to go back I was home over the weekend for the Easter break, it was nice being with friends and family again. I had fun of course and I am sure I added an extra pound because all I did majorly was eat and sleep. It was a good break and IContinue reading “Back to Bedlam”