The Cycle

It has been a weird couple of months, you know series of events and never ending brouhaha. It feels like flying and sinking at the same time. It feels like fire and ice on most days and these emotions run deep. There is a rotation between apathy and empathy, like a maze! this way, thatContinue reading “The Cycle”

Some days; I feel Ugly

Some days; I feel ugly No, I know I am not ugly This is not the time for you to point out how you think I am Cleopatra and should be in a glass casing to be showcased in the most expensive art exhibit. Someone did told me that really It’s okay, this person overdidContinue reading “Some days; I feel Ugly”


“This has nothing to do with the movie LOL” We all have our days, moments of total abandonment, times when it gets really overwhelming you just want to bare it all, it could be a song that triggered the lost feeling or you see something you used to enjoy and you just couldn’t help yourself,Continue reading “SUCKER PUNCH”


Who do you think you are? How do you step in here And tell me it shouldn’t hurt this much What do you know about pain? When have you ever felt like your life shattered into many pieces broken edges, scattered around you never to be made whole again Tell me, can you describe thisContinue reading “Don’t.”

Tonight, I cried.

Tonight I cried Free flowing nerve wrecking tears Of what I cry for I do not know nor do I care to find out Tonight I cried I willed myself to stop But I couldn’t find the willpower nor the sheer willingness to stop So I cried till I fell asleep And dreamt of fountainsContinue reading “Tonight, I cried.”


We always knew this would happen It didn’t stop us from digging deeper anyway The odds were too much We couldn’t go against it It’s like the universe threw us at each other Only to rip us apart altogether Could we have fought harder? Well now we will never find out We are broken.


Me: Ugh! I need a break Mr X: No! you are just lazy, stop complaining and get working Says the person that doesn’t know the struggle.  It’s okay to take breaks, It’s okay to get some rehabilitation It only means you are human and sometimes, you just can’t go on Take a gap between jobsContinue reading “Break”


I am on an island, Echoes are my daily melody. Tiny birds rustling around me, hoping to get my attention, I know Ugh needy things! I am not swayed by their bright colors, However beautiful they might appear. My focus is on the water that surrounds me, It is so appealing,  The stillness intriguing. ItContinue reading “Still-water”

Who ?

I haven’t been myself lately, I have been on a low, It is different this time, I might reach out for help MAYBE but It’s like everybody is on the same low, to each his own demon. We can’t help each other. All we do is quietly listen and compare making little exclaim “wow! mineContinue reading “Who ?”

It’s too late for you

There is no redemption here, you are lost, in this maze called life.   Everyone looks the same, Even the friendly eyes have monsters in them, hiding, stalling, quietly daring, waiting for you to slip.   The will to live is gradually fading away, light is out, all that’s left is darkness, shadows spiraling, whatContinue reading “It’s too late for you”