I know ‘ispeakloudthoughts’ sounds really corny or maybe i think it does, anyway it doesn’t matter. Welcome to my blog you amazing reader. You are about to get really bored with different tales about me.

Just kidding, I will try not to talk about myself too much.  

I started this blog basically to put my thoughts into writing, hence the name. I needed a place for me and i.

There are lots of ‘me’ and ‘i’ , forgive me, I have been too focused on myself.

This place is a reflection of my struggles over time and how i have evolved as a young lady. I will try to share things that have helped me with my journey so far and maybe, just maybe other stuff that isn’t about me 😉 

Now that you are here, simply read, like, comment and enjoy. 

Thank you for taking time out to visit. You rock 

Lots of Love.. xx



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