I can’t explain how it happened,

all I know is that something changed

Like a triple effect

I realized I might have been in this state for too long

Waiting for a shift, a change or perhaps a sign

I have been wandering in a circle

Not really stepping out of anything, just rolling

Thinking the movement counts

as long as I am still moving

It doesn’t matter if I go round and round without change

I feel bottled in,

like there is no escape from this mental torture

Could it be some form of eternal damnation?

I have lived life on my terms or

so I have been thinking

I have wasted too much time in this damned circle

My body understands this very much now

The problem is with my spirit

It has grown accustomed to being boxed in,

so comfortable in this position

Not concerned about how much life is passing by

nor how time keeps flying

It is a case of the body willing but

I need my entire being in sync together

To nudge me out of this long overdue coma

Published by Reina

Introverted, I love the beach, Music relaxes me

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