Phases can last forever…

I am a sad writer! is that a good thing? I shouldn’t have to be sad before I get the nagging urge to write but the other option would be to cry; I can’t do that, I am at work. I would like to curl up in one corner and cry till my eyes bulge; I want to forget about the world and the people around me for a week and cry till my body is devoid of every liquid. Our third anniversary is in 5 days; why am I talking like its something to look forward to! It was meant to be in 5 days but do I have to put in the details? I don’t think so. You have an idea

I am completely broken; I still walk tho and I probably look fine on the outside but my soul is shattered, it doesn’t get any easier I mean how do you wake up one day and realize your life is no longer on course, what is the point of it all, do I have to reroute again only for the ship to sink again, I choose not to be strong; I will not be strong, I am tired of being strong, the pain I feel right now is so intense and incomparable to anything I have ever felt, I have intermittent urge to scream at the universe and I have a lot of question. What will happen to me, how am I supposed to live life like my heart isn’t in fragments, how am I supposed to keep faking a smile because I’d rather not talk about it, it is a phase alright but we all know phases can last forever…

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5 thoughts on “Phases can last forever…

  1. You don’t have to live your life like your heart isn’t in fragments. Nobody knows what you’re going through except YOU!
    Just listen to what your heart wants to do♥ It can still lead the way…If crying makes you feel better then go ahead…If writing makes you feel better go ahead…
    I’m still learning how to do this and struggling greatly. So take care of yourself♥

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    1. Omg I thought I replied; I am so happy to see your comment.. I have been a lot of crying lol and I am such a hot mess inside.. I have also been writing a lot haha, I feel like being sad has its advantages yeah but I will try to take care of myself; I owe myself that at least. Thank you so much Zeina, I hope you have been well ❤

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