Me: Ugh! I need a break

Mr X: No! you are just lazy, stop complaining and get working

Says the person that doesn’t know the struggle. 

It’s okay to take breaks, It’s okay to get some rehabilitation

It only means you are human and sometimes, you just can’t go on

Take a gap between jobs if you feel the need to

I get we make the mistake of not really settling before rushing into things

Once we are out of something, we jump right into another thing

Oh because well, people like (MR X) will call me unfocused, they will think I am not serious 

I understand people talk a lot, they always have an opinion

“You should be like this, go this way, don’t do that, it is done like that”

Please, live life according to YOUR own set rules

Go on that vacation, visit new places, have fun with friends, give yourself that BREAK

You deserve it 

Now after the break , evaluate your psyche, understand your limit, if you feel you are good to go, then by all means GO and CONQUER THE WORLD

NEVER ever apologize for taking a break.


Welcome to my ted talk, hehe. I hope you liked it ❤ 

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Published by Reina

Introverted, I love the beach, Music relaxes me

5 thoughts on “Break

  1. Love this post! I’m in a time in my life right now that I was considering jumping into something asap but realized I needed more time to consider things. Prior to that I kept beating myself up for “not taking the plunge” as people commonly advise others to do.

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    1. I am glad you love this post, Please just take your time, take plenty rest and the break is definitely needed. Stop beating yourself up, it’s okay to take some time out really, you are the only person that understands how far you can go, same way you know when rest is needed. Let people talk, just do you. One day at a time 💕💕

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