It’s too late for you

There is no redemption here, you are lost, in this maze called life.   Everyone looks the same, Even the friendly eyes have monsters in them, hiding, stalling, quietly daring, waiting for you to slip.   The will to live is gradually fading away, light is out, all that’s left is darkness, shadows spiraling, whatContinue reading “It’s too late for you”


Unawares I am struggling, Trying to stay afloat,  My body can’t hold the wave, The current is too high,   My limbs are failing, Gasping for air,  a deep agonizing pain in my chest Do I keep fighting ?   My thought as the wave pulled me in wheeesh, the sound of my last breath  IsContinue reading “Apnea”

Freedom of Expression Tag: Friendship

Many thanks to my talented friend Zeina writingwithanopenheart for the nomination. I appreciate this so much and I absolutely enjoyed writing on this topic. Much love  But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, All losses are restored and sorrows end~ William Shakespeare “How much do I mean to you”? she asked with a sparkContinue reading “Freedom of Expression Tag: Friendship”

You don’t have to like me

Some days I feel alone, other-days I’d rather be alone Some days I want to move out and make friends, other days I question these things, do I have to? does it matter? I really do love my space, I have few friends and I just started living alone which is working well for me,Continue reading “You don’t have to like me”


Change is a necessary evil, the only thing that sometimes catches you unawares  Sometimes you feel it coming, you even convince yourself to be ready  But are you ever really ready ? Often times we complain about our daily routine, I want to change my environment, I want to change my job, I want toContinue reading “Changes”