How I handle rejection/disappointment

I am no life coach but I have had my share of disappointments, especially a huge one I had to deal with lately. I found myself holding my chest too many times because of how much it hurts. I’d try to stifle my tears so my roommate wouldn’t hear me cry, I was so tired for days until I decided to stop being miserable , trust me, this wasn’t easy but I somehow found the strength to let go of the pain.

It was overwhelming and I figured I could have avoided the anguish I felt at the time if only I didn’t expect too much but can you blame me , I am only human, I put my faith in things even when I know I shouldn’t , I take insane risks because that’s just who I am. We live, make mistakes and learn. The learning never stops which is why I have decided to share my own experience and how I dealt with it.

  • First thing I did was go down on my knees and Pray to God , okay I am a Christian and I believe so much in the power of the Almighty. I feel praying makes me calm and also gives me renewed hope, I know we are not all Christians like me but you can as well make supplications and it doesn’t matter which religion or beliefs as long as you believe.


  • Music calms me , I really can’t explain this but I listened to lots of music even on days when I am just so tired. Music apart from writing is my therapy, I never go anywhere without my ear pods just so I can listen to my favorite songs. I have created a playlist for every mood and this has worked for me overtime. P.S try not to listen to sad songs when you are sad, it only dampen your spirit and worsen your mood. Songs about happiness have always helped me coped and I notice I just start to float till i forget totally.


  • Sleeping lmao omg, this is a funny one and highly unorthodox especially if you are in no place/environment where you can get the liberty to sleep but this has really helped me a lot and of course it won’t work for everybody, I mean you’d still wake up to reality anyway. I wouldn’t strongly recommend this for anyone, this is just me and how I deal. I sleep, wake up and feel relieved. 


  • Lastly BELIEVE, don’t ever stop believing. Its only a phase, its one of those things, life happens, disappointment happens, it is what makes us human, it’s what makes us stronger. You can always try again if its something that has can be tried again. You can always move on and set your sights on better things, remember you are only hurting now because it’s still fresh but you will definitely heal, forget and eventually, all will be well again (one of my favorite things to say) Shalom


Now I am not saying these are four major things that works when dealing with rejection/disappointments.We all cope differently but the above lists have really helped me and I just thought to share. I hope it might help someone out there, anybody because at the end of the day, its all that really matters right.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading, please don’t hesitate to add your own coping mechanism(s) or just few ones you know. xoxo


6 thoughts on “How I handle rejection/disappointment

  1. I struggle with expectations too, I know I shouldn’t expect anything from anyone. But I’m a dreamer and it hurts sometimes not to expect anything, I don’t know if it makes sense but sometimes expectations get us through the day and when things don’t go as planned we get swallowed into sadness. But it’s all good because we can still pick up the pieces and move forward.
    I’m glad you are feeling better ♥

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