I let a pig in!

In my desperate search for company

I allowed myself to be used

I took a step down and created space for a swine to come in

Better that than being alone , I thought 

Excuse it’s filthy affair, It doesn’t matter

Day in Day out, I overlooked it’s grunt 

Poop and litters everywhere but I made several excuses 

Of course I knew about it’s dirty habits before I let it in

Then one day, it squealed nonstop

“I can’t stay with you anymore” 

My place has become unbearable

Too dirty , It says

The Irony what !

I was hurt

So I did what I could 

I fumigated my house and redecorated

I scrubbed and scrubbed

Till I exhausted every strength I had in me 

The swine is gone but

I have a feeling it might come back 

I should get a repellent, for when it decides to show 

My home is closed forever 

My house is clean and the air is fresh

What was I thinking 

Inviting a pig into my abode !

Must have been so desperate

I sure was…..


Image Source: Free Photo Library 


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