Get to Know Me

I have been nominated for the Get To Know Me tag by writingwithanopenheart . Thank you for another one Zeina, You are so supportive and amazing. ANSWERS 1. What does your Name Mean? Reina means Queen.  2. Are you scared of height? I used to be but not anymore 3. What is your best physical feature? Err my face maybe,Continue reading “Get to Know Me”

The Sunshine Blogger Award 2

My second sunshine blogger award! I am dancing whoop whoop. Thanks to the beautiful and talented Zeina for another one, It’s warms my heart to know I have made some great friends here who keep making me believe I am doing something right with every nomination. Much love Zeina writingwithanopenheart I am so happy especially becauseContinue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award 2”

The Mystery Blogger Award 2

Hey Beautiful People, I have been so busy lately with trying to balance work and every other thing going on with me, this has affected the attention I give my blog a bit because this is something I should have done since but I guess it’s never late yeah. Special thanks to the talented Zeina writingwithanopenheart Continue reading “The Mystery Blogger Award 2”

From me to you: 3

World or words Written or spoken Beyond the lure of lyrics’ clarity And the pull of my heart’s gravity Free flowing poetry it is To write or speak of my love for you Free flowing passion it is To see light shine in your smile Free flowing joy it is In your beautiful eyes IContinue reading “From me to you: 3”

Rainy Memories

The air outside is really nice, the moon is out to play and clouds are floating. It’s been real sunny lately, I wish it would rain. Oh I love rain! The serene calmness that comes with it is incomparable. I never feared thunderstorm, even as a child. I remember I used to pretend to beContinue reading “Rainy Memories”


I stumble through walls I walk on water I manage through thick and thin I am alive and I live   I weep and laugh I fail and hope I am a survivor I am alive and I live   I fall and feel I rise and raise I listen and learn I am aliveContinue reading “I LIVE”

How I handle rejection/disappointment

I am no life coach but I have had my share of disappointments, especially a huge one I had to deal with lately. I found myself holding my chest too many times because of how much it hurts. I’d try to stifle my tears so my roommate wouldn’t hear me cry, I was so tiredContinue reading “How I handle rejection/disappointment”

Rare Gem

Pure Gold Grand and bold A beauty to behold The Smiths delight Profit for the jeweler Pride for the wearer Luxury for the kings Let the glory be told   Oh pure soul Oh sincere mind Oh caring heart Don’t let the world Take your pureness   Oh wonder of wonders Brilliant lustre of trustContinue reading “Rare Gem”