atracción insalubre

We are often attracted to fire, a burning rage

We long to see how bad it can get

We long to feel it consume us

Will I ever be free of this unhealthy attraction?

Let me rephrase

Will I ever free myself of this attraction?

 I have been told too many times

“Your mind is powerful, make up your mind”

How come I find it hard to stop?

Thinking about you has become a guilty pleasure.

I keep lying to myself,

Every day, I draw up a new resolution

“Bad for your health, do away”

Who am I kidding?

Perhaps I should tattoo it on my palm,

Or write on sticky notes and paste everywhere.

The body is willing but the mind is too stubborn,

I have only heard of the opposite.

Obsession or infatuation,

This road leads to nowhere,

With bumps and rocks everywhere,

Lone path devoid of air.

Somebody wake me up from this daydream



Published by Reina

Introverted, I love the beach, Music relaxes me

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