I simply held her as she cried her heart out

I didn’t shed a single tear,

I am the comforter

I felt her pain,

If only I could take it all away.

Her body kept jerking, she has cried so much

All I did was hold her

There was nothing more to say

Her grief was clear to see

I wanted to tell her all will be fine eventually

I couldn’t

Truth is,

I don’t believe so myself

I mean she will be fine of course

After so much tears,

she will shake it off and heal

I can’t say the same for me,

like everything else,

I will hold this in too.

No tears, no emotions

My inside, the usual turmoil.

“Let these tears flow, it’s okay to cry

It’s okay to break down”

My subconscious whispers

I fear if I let these waves of melancholy run freely,

I won’t have any control,

I can not risk that, you see

but I know I am not fine

Not even close


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