“My mother was my first country, the first place I ever lived.” ― Nayyirah Waheed

How do I begin to write about the awesomeness of a mother,

What adjective is that great to describe the impact of a mother in a child’s life,

How do I quantify her love for her offspring or the one she spreads around,

She walks and works with her head held high,

she wakes at dawn to feed her family,

she is a strong tower that protects her own, a sea of knowledge steady spreading her wisdom,

she is like a bird that soars so high in the sky, her feathers so strong and big , she encloses those around her.

How do I begin to sing her praises,

Is it her cooing and wooing by my sick bed or her constant advice and beseech so I should not go astray,

her constant prayers and sacrifices never stops,

she is constantly looking out and seeking the face of the creator on behalf of her family and nation.

She has seen me laugh, she has seen me cry, she comforts me, she scolds me, and she teaches me.

Some days she is friendly, some days she doesn’t seem friendly,

this is because of her strong nature,

she has a lot on her mind, and she doesn’t like to show weakness.

She never stops sowing her seed of virtues in our lives such that its roots are firmly grounded and unaffected by strong wind of worldly influence.

I thank the Lord for blessing me with her, my own personal heaven on earth.

Every day I pray God blesses me so I can bless her.

Her heart is nothing compared to none, she is my first love, she is warm and safe, she is GOLD, and she is HOME.

Every day should be mother’s day


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