Love and Light

Sun shines on my back as I walk away

Sun shines on my chest and I return

The fall air is crisp and fresh

It is enough, All is well with the world ~ Brent M. Jones

At some point you will realize it isn’t worth it

You will understand that your mental health is a gift, you will open your eyes and see the good things/people around you

You will realize you deserve so much more and your heart will soar

You will embrace happiness and cut off anything that messes with your peace of mind

You will create new cherished memories and do things you have been procrastinating on

You will change your environment because it’s long overdue and change that job because it’s high time

Everything will return to normal, you will smile more and glow

You will take a walk, soak in fresh air, enjoy the beauty of the universe and say ‘I am done’

To all the setbacks and negativity, to all those times you try to hold on to things that doesn’t make sense, to the failed relationships, to everything you cried over.

It’s over, you are done being sad and this time, you will mean it.

Life is once again good and all is well

Love always.. xoxo


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