For now, Sleep well baby

It is part of the human experience to feel pain

Do not be afraid

Open yourself to it ~ Rupi Kaur

I know you are sleeping peacefully with a smile plastered on your face and your favorite duvet wrapped around you.

I loved to watch you sleep

Who knew that smiling face could wreck this much havoc!?

It’s not your fault that I can’t sleep, I mean what did you do!?

You only said you wanted peace of mind that you were obviously not getting with me (what you said)

You got tired of playing and there was no point pretending anymore.

I was just another one, one of those things

It wasn’t about your peace and we both know this but It’s just fine.

You have had your fun, I hope you enjoy it while it lasts.

I will get over this pain, the pain of having to deal with the pain you left behind.

Time will pass, sun will shine again, all that’s lost will return and every wrong shall be right.

You, my friend will live well because I pray for the best for you.

You will take the next available heart, thats what you know how to do best.

You will probably want your peace of mind too, your famous last words.

I can only hope the next heart is as forgiving as mine.

Something magical will happen, someday the one you really want will see you for what you are and says “I want peace of mind” Familiar?

Oh! don’t cry, what goes around baby 😉

For now, sleep well…..


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