Love is a trap! don’t do it.

Did I come on too strong ?

Am I too much to handle, Are you scared you’d burn if you stay by my side ?

You kept saying “I know you have been hurt, I know you have been through a lot, I want to be there for you” 

I didn’t beg you to do all these things, you found me, you decided to stick around

I struggled so hard with you, I doubted your intentions several times

You were the sweetest, you gave me all the attention I needed

I was learning to feel again, I was learning to understand there is more to life than wallowing in pain, I was learning to show you how much I appreciated and needed you 

I love how I used to wake up to your messages, it gave me hope, I revel in the knowledge that someone really cares about me but that stopped. 

I didn’t push you away, I told you to be patient with me, I had to pick up what was left and let you in.

You had begun to hold back. Why are you making me feel like I got the wrong message?You keep doing something, it only reminds me of a game of pull and push.

Do you want me to realize how much you mean to me? If that’s it, then I get it, crystal clear.

Is this payback time for all the time I stood you up because I didn’t trust you well enough, I thought you understood, I thought you knew how hard it was.

Why do you have to make this a cycle for me, what goes around comes around, is it? did I read the signals wrong or am I just making stuff up in my brain.

Perhaps it wasn’t that serious for you, it was all me yeah, reading too much into things I shouldn’t have. Alright time to do the pity dance. Yes I keep doing this to myself, finding love in deserts, getting attached to temporary people.

I can’t believe I let myself be put in this same position over again, do I give up hope and shut myself out totally ? 

Maybe love isn’t for me after all, I mean is love for everyone?



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