I hate you, I love you

I can’t hate you if I want,

I am not wired that way,

You don’t even make it easy.

I tell myself I should hate the sight of you,

But your smile is something I could never resist.

Ever since that cloudy evening,

I knew I was trapped.

I said I was done with you, I meant it

Or so I thought.

Your presence does something to my belly,

I am in great trouble.

I know I should hate you,

I can’t seem to,

Your voice a constant reminder of something,


I want to stop, I really do.

Give me a perfect and final reason to hate you,

because I find myself constantly forgiving you

and going back to the beginning.

Why do I find you so appealing?

Your smell, I can’t get rid of

Tantalizing to my nostrils

I want more.

Make me forget please,

The faint feel of your touch still lingers,

such a shame.

I know all you want from me is my body,

my mind doesn’t seem to care.

It’s a constant tug of war between my body and mind,

which is it, I can’t decide.

Does my body want you more or

Perhaps my heart yearns to be with you,

I try to convince myself I don’t care anymore

Maybe I do, maybe I don’t

Which is it, I can’t decide.

You got me messed up,

My words have failed me,

I wrote about letting go and moving on,

Whatever happened to that girl!?

Have you ever been in this state

Of total self-doubt?

It’s like a drug, I am addicted,

I need a rehab hence I collapse.

This is not safe for a healthy heart,

Have to steer clear,

Move away, never look back .

I hate you, I love you

I hate that I love you




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