Love it or Leave it

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection – Buddha

“You are weird, you are a loner, you act like you don’t need people”, these I have heard all my life. No I am actually not a loner or maybe I am but it doesn’t matter.

I get lonely, I mean who doesn’t. Don’t we all need somebody ? 

I am an introvert, I do not like going out and I have few friends

“You won’t have anybody at this rate, you are too quiet, why not go out and have fun, put a little makeup on, do this, do that”

I wont change for your validation, I have come this far, learned to love all my awkwardness and quirkiness, my weirdness and introverted nature, my ever fluctuating weight and acne prone face.

I have made good friends with people that understands me and take me for who I am, this shows that there is always someone for everyone.

This is me, prone to changes that will affect my life positively. Anything asides that, I am good. This is what you get, no fakes, no duplicate. Just Original. Love it or Leave it

To everyone still struggling with identity crisis, you are not alone, you are beautiful, embrace it and like the famous quote I love so well  “Why fit in when you were born to stand out”

Different is good, I love being different. People try so hard to look like someone, be like someone and I am not saying it’s wrong as long as it’s for the right reasons but when it’s for the wrong reasons like trying to be accepted for who you are not, then its not worth it, it is never worth it. 

Truth is those we try so hard to copy have their own insecurities that they don’t let out, there is no perfect person, they have their fears and struggles. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Why not nurture your own grass and expose to sunlight, let it thrive, enjoy the greenery, stop looking at the other side. Make your own canvas and create whatever you like, paint nice colors and see these images come to life. You will marvel at what you can achieve by just being who you are and trying different things by your own rules, at your own pace.


You are good enough, You stand out. Cheers to being different and loving it ❤



2 thoughts on “Love it or Leave it

  1. Yes, Reina, you are so right: we all are good enough.
    It would be boring if we are all the same, look like each other and so on. Boring.
    We are different and we must live and love these differentness. That´s the reason why we all are here in this world.

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