You once had my heart

You used to tell me how my voice made your inside melt

How there is this itch that only my smile could cure

I should have known better

Those silly lines were proof enough

 I have heard tales of many men-

-about the misery they leave behind

Constantly moving from heart to heart without heart

Taking what they can

Leaving their hosts broken

I always prided myself on being a scholar –

-but I couldn’t learn the ways of men

And so with that, I believed you were the one

I forgot all the tales and said to myself,

You are different,

I opened up like a butterfly in her summer,

like fresh nectar I craved your kisses,

Your embrace, I yearned for

Many time I begged you to stay

‘You know I have to go darling’, you’d say

 That is my man, I would beam with pride

 Friends called me and warned-

– he is nothing but a snake

 Their words fell on deaf ears

‘Be happy for me’, I quipped

Days went by, you became scarce

I began to worry so I told you my fears

All I wanted was comfort and assurance

‘Stop nagging’ was all you said

 I am learning to be without you these days

 I am no longer jumpy when my phone beeps

 You will come back when you need me

I will let you in because I want to

 You think you have me on a leash

 and maybe that’s true

But I know my heart no longer beats the same for you

I know how this works now

Till one of us decides to stop

It wouldn’t matter anymore

I made peace with myself

And let you go- a long time ago




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