I like you, Do you like me?

How often do we mistake our position in people’s lives? How often do we think others are inclined to be nice to us because we are good people? How often do we think people will do unto us as we do unto them? One would expect what goes around to come around but I know it doesn’t work like that in all cases. I do not like anything that screams TROUBLE but I have noticed that some things are just out of control. Some persons will still come along with their baggage whether I like it or not, only thing I can do is find an exit once I see the signs. I stopped making the mistake of thinking I am free from some crazy stuff just because I don’t like drama, uh uh It doesn’t work that way. It’s the same way I never assume I am important to anyone unless he/she tells me so. Telling is never enough anyway, we all love words of course but it’s the action behind that matters.

I Know you love words.

Do not fall for them; listen to the tone of action behind them. If they move you just as much, then by all means fall.

Fall hard. 

Perhaps at one point in time, you have been forced to ask the ‘What are we question’ , I don’t blame you, we all need assurance, we need to know our role in people’s lives. Once that is established, every possible hurt is erased. Some people just like kicking it and see what happens, Its fine as long as you are in total control of the situation but if you are just going with the flow and you have not the slightest idea, please take several steps back to re-evaluate. It is so much better than remaining in the dark with no ray of light, you find yourself using your hands to navigate in hopes that you don’t hit your head against the wall. That is only headed towards disaster.

You can love someone wholeheartedly and your love isn’t reciprocated, you can be everything to them but perhaps you aren’t what they need. It doesn’t make you a lesser version of yourself, it only means you deserve better and you aren’t going to get it if you don’t take control. Never assume someone likes you because you like him/her. Never assume anything. Assumption kills.

Knowing your place brings this peace of mind that’s hard to explain. No expectation, no misunderstanding, all is well. The sun is shining, I am happy. 




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