Woman! Is fickle thy name?

Woman is always fickle- foolish is he who trusts her. – (Francis I )

Now i have my reservations about that quote, like no no no.

Why do people think females are fickle? Shouldn’t that be a general thing like why make it all about a particular gender? Anybody can be fickle. I was talking with a colleague earlier and he made me believe it has to do with female hormones because there is always imbalance all through the month. This is totally wrong. He goes ‘Damn women can’t make up their minds, they are so complicated because this minute she wants this, the next minute she is crying and pointing finger at you for getting her what she requested for, like make up your mind woman’! I was quite startled, ugh Touché


First, not all women suffers hormonal imbalance and most importantly, some women have a mind of their own and it can’t be easily changed,  Some women are not even dramatic because i feel most times , we do these things for attention. Like a woman will raise hell when she feels she isn’t getting what she wants. I am not making excuses for all women because i know some are just plain trouble and its the same way not all women changes their mind easily.

Men, to me are more fickle, they are inconsistent especially when it comes to relationship and commitment, a man will make you feel like you mean the most to him today and cast you away tomorrow. They can’t make up their mind about most things. I have heard people say ‘When a man loves, he loves so deep’ Same way i have heard that ‘When a woman loves, she loves for real’ I understand i could go on and on about who is the most fickle but at the end of the day, its about the individual. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman. 


Women are dramatic ; ugh ugh People are dramatic 

Women are fickle; ugh ugh People are fickle 

Men always change; ugh ugh People always change

We should stop generalizing, its never about a particular gender. It has always being about individuality in my opinion. So next time when anyone starts a debate about which gender is more honest, tell them its about persons and it has nothing to do with male or female.  

I hope you enjoyed reading..

Lots of Love.. xx 


5 thoughts on “Woman! Is fickle thy name?

  1. We can never generalise but men keep things simple while women are spoiled by choices and have to multitask and make so many decisions big or large. Eg- what to wear? Options men have Vs options women have. What to do – housework or office work or both ? Men Vs women. Men always keep it simple for themselves which makes them look less complicated.

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