Monday Fun-day !

Yaaay its Monday again…. Okay I am not excited trust me, I have never been excited about Monday. No, I am not lazy, I have just had two free days and I’d like to it continue. Can you blame me? It’s the start of another work week and I am already thinking of different ways to survive the week. I have updated my to do list and new things I’d like to achieve by the end of the week. Its going to be work as usual for the next few days and I will also take time to tend to my blog. Busy is good yeah ? My title is so wrong, hence the exclamation..


Fun Facts about Monday

  • Monday is that stuck up aunt that wont let you play with the neighbor’s kids
  • Monday is the Ugly friend (i am sorry)
  • Monday doesn’t have fun at parties, it doesn’t have any fun at all
  • Monday is all work, no play


But as fun less as the day is , Its one of the best days of the week. You’d ask me why? 

  • Monday is fresh, new priorities, it’s another day to set goals for the week after a blissful rest during the weekend. 
  • Monday is motivation to get something done, implement a new time-line, get your resources together and do everything necessary to succeed.
  • Monday is that alarm clock with the ugly tone that won’t stop reminding you of where you have to be (oh wow! Another Monday is here, I have to do this and that)
  • Monday is Mum and Dad ! lol you can’t escape the constant scolding even when they are not around, you think about them and just get your acts together. Mama/Papa didn’t raise no failure 😉

Monday is a necessary evil, you really can’t avoid it even if you try. I have found ways to cope and try to enjoy everything the day offers. Have you? How do you feel about Mondays and how do you deal/cope?


Welcome to Monday, I hope you have an amazing day and week 😉 Xx





8 thoughts on “Monday Fun-day !

  1. I can’t afford to worry about when will we get back to India or whether I will be able to get a job again or not, So I just let everything be and live each day as it comes. Grass is always greener on the other side and I am just trying to appreciate the colour of grass at my side 💕

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