Just say NO?

On my way home last Saturday, during the usual walk down my street before entering my compound, i overheard a heated conversation among the street boys that hang around , at first i thought they were arguing till i heard one say ‘shey she no get mouth to say no abi wettin she go find there if she no dey do’ then i realized they were talking about CONSENT and he simply said she could have said no or what exactly did she go and do there if she wasn’t interested. Its crazy that some people still think this way in this era, they do not understand the meaning of consent and this lack of knowledge is such a big issue that needs to be thrashed out.

Its funny how saying the word NO doesn’t even work anymore because of that myopic thinking ‘oh she obviously wants it, he is just fronting’ or ‘Let me just pressure her more, she will give in’ This is wrong on so many counts you useless human (forgive me but i cant help myself) As a lady, you decide to go visit your man/male friend or as a man, you decide to go visit your girl/female friend so it automatically means you want to get some or am i mistaken? Is that what people really think? I felt like going back to knock some sense into their heads but this is far more than that, this mentality is so deeply rooted in their minds, its rather sickening. This is what leads to rape. Many have become victims as a result of these sick people who do not believe in normal platonic relationship.


No means no, please stop at that. I don’t even understand how you can still go on with someone who isn’t yielding to your advances. Consent is highly important in every relationship and it doesn’t even matter if you are in a romantic relationship with him/her, the word NO should carry enough weight such that when it is uttered, you respect yourself and the person involved by stopping. Its not that difficult, moods are highly important in everything we do and once someone isn’t in the right mood, whatever you do at that point in time doesn’t interest them. Do not force people into doing what they don’t want to do, do not force yourself on anybody, there are a lot of other people that’d be willing to do whatever with you.

Silence is not Consent, Just because he/she came over isn’t consent, learn to respect yourself and other people’s wishes, do not damage others because of your stupid ego, yes you can be rejected; suck it up and move on, we need to be more careful, there are victims everyday, watch out for and be curious about people you roll with, do not go visiting people you are not so familiar with. May whatever we believe in lead us not into the hands of these animals. NO MEANS NO, SEX WITHOUT CONSENT IS RAPE, END RAPE


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