Try it again..

Today is about my fine shoes. I got this pair sometimes in June 2017, it was love at first sight. I did the next thing of course, I tried it on and oops! it was tight, how! These shoes are my perfect size, I felt betrayed, I couldn’t return them because it was a gift so I put them on my shoe rack and decided to do something with them later, I totally forgot. On a Friday morning in August, I had received an invitation for an interview, after getting dressed, I pulled out my favorite black flats and voila, the sole is out, I hadn’t even noticed. Arrgh what to do? I can’t possibly take it to a cobbler because I’d risk getting late for my interview. Looking for alternatives, I pulled out those shoes, I was like oh wow! These shoes! I didn’t even remember they were there until that moment, I put them on and I remembered why I forgot about them initially. They were too tight but I didn’t have a choice, I will have to manage.

I am not familiar with the address of the company but I knew I’d ask as I go and hopefully, it doesn’t turn out too bad so I left the house with this thought in mind and took a cab, it seems easy at first and I felt it was going to be an easy ride. On getting to the last junction where I’d pick a vehicle going to the main address, I was told I’d have to take a tricycle because that was the only means to get there, I entered one, showed the driver the address and repeatedly begged him not to take me past the address. Lo and behold, it is what you guessed, he took me past the place, then he started apologizing. Sigh what a man! I was told I’d have to trek back because I could still cover the distance on foot. I am not sure I took up to 10 steps before my feet started throbbing, they were killing me and I couldn’t pull the shoes off. I almost cried. I found my way to the place thankfully all the while walking like I had chains between my hips but it might as well have been chains. I got through the interview and it was time to go back home, I didn’t have to walk to the bus stop, I was lucky to get a ride going my way. I really can’t remember the ride back home but I remember couldn’t wait to take them off. I found my way into my apartment somehow and removed them. I knew I’d have to deal with blisters of course so I cleaned my feet and applied ointment. I didn’t throw the shoes away, I just made a mental note of giving them out later but, I forgot about them.

Fast forward to January this year, I was getting ready for work when I saw where I had kept the shoes and I thought to myself, I better give someone this pair if I won’t be wearing it, better that way than letting it waste away but on second thoughts, I can as well just put it on to work today. I picked another pair and put in my bag just in case my feet start rebelling. I wore it all through the day with no stress at all, I didn’t have to change shoes and I didn’t get blisters. Surprise! I have worn it twice since then and the shoes have learned to accommodate my feet with no hassle, I have also been getting compliments like “nice shoes, your shoes are beautiful” one even said she will steal them so if I am ever looking for my shoes, I shouldn’t look any further.


What’s the point of the whole story about shoes that fit or not? It is very simple, I thought about it and figured it actually relates to our daily lives. Some things just won’t fit at first, it won’t make sense even when you believe it should. What could be wrong? Does it need a little fine tuning and working on? Do you need to try it over again before it accommodates whatever is it you wish to use it for or do you just throw it away or give it out because it’s not really working? What do you do in such cases? I realized if I wasn’t patient enough, I would have given it out and in no way would I have known that all I needed to do was to wear it first because it just needs to be familiar with my feet. Yea I understand it can be very frustrating but there is no gain without pain. Now I am comfortable in my shoes and I am so glad I didn’t give it out.

Lesson Learnt:

Be patient

Do not make hasty decisions or decisions borne out of frustration

Never stop trying

Sometimes, it takes the 100th attempt not even the 2nd in my case

It probably won’t fit at first but just because it doesn’t fit at the time doesn’t mean it won’t fit at all, provided it’s your size lol

No Pain, No Gain

Most of the time, it looks impossible but even there is possible in impossible. Keep doing that which you have set out your heart to do, if it gets too hard, you can always take a break, refuel and go back to it. You will be glad you did and the beautiful results will take your breath away. There is nothing like strutting in beautiful shoes with your head up high just because YOU DID IT.

I plan to rock my beautiful shoes well because I have earned the right, besides if I don’t, who will?




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