It has been quite a journey for me, i am still learning of course but it gives me great joy to be able to post what i write. I have doubted myself for too long (i still do sometimes), constantly telling myself i shouldn’t bother because i wasn’t brave enough you see. I always believed nobody wants to read my crap (not putting it lightly) YES! I am not sure what changed my mind but few months ago, i found myself back here and i started typing, i typed, published and it felt so good. It felt so damn good.

I made a great discovery that day, i realized my mind became at peace and i felt so light. It didn’t matter what i wrote, all that mattered was the satisfaction i got. Writing is therapeutic for me and i believe i am not the only one that feels this way. How has writing affected you? what have you discovered about yourself from writing? or better still, what is your form of therapy?


4 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. Aww girlie, I am so happy to read this post. Writing, truly is therapeutic.

    Let me share my little experience here. The first time I ever wrote anything and posted it on cyber space was after a heartbreak. It was a poem. I had been so in love with this person, it broke my heart to imagine life without him. The only way out of that situation was to write out my pain. I found healing in writing my truth and even with the fear of people reacting negatively to it, I still went ahead to share it.

    Sharing it eventually turned out to be a blessing, contrary to what I expected. As my poem made a lot of people to open up about their individual experiences. They eventually encouraged me to keep writing and ever since I started writing, I haven’t had cause to regret that decision.

    Writing is therapeutic, and it’s truly a way out of emotional and almost every kind of problem. Writing is freedom and there is a kind of power you wield as a writer. You are kinda like a Demi God, cos you drag people into the center of your experience, and manipulate their emotions. Yes you are that powerful!

    Here’s to many amazing write ups from you. I look forward to reading them.


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