I write but i am not a writer!?

Who is a writer? No, I won’t check my dictionary. Most times when I pen things down or type like I am doing now, I do this out of frustration or just when my emotions are on the downside, this reflects a lot because well, I basically just pour out what I feel at that point. I decided to take my blogging serious some weeks back and while checking different bloggers out, I read lots of great stuff, it was overwhelming. I don’t see myself as a writer, I mean I write stuff sometimes but I have never considered myself to be one.

When people ask me, do you write? I sometimes give this vague reply ‘not really’ because I only write when I am down. I believe a writer should be versatile and not just write when she feels like the whole world is against her or maybe I don’t know (In Jon Bellion’s Voice)

I am dealing with a lot of stuff right now which has ignited all these writing but perhaps it’s a good thing and it doesn’t matter if I write well or not, it doesn’t matter if my writing makes sense with tenses and adjectives rightly proportioned, maybe none of it matters and the only thing that matter is to write whatever and get my satisfaction.

Yes, Satisfaction! I find so much joy in writing about my feelings and things that make me feel bad which makes me wonder if something is wrong with me, I hate feeling bad but when I do, I only cope by writing it down which gives me joy, I hope I am not confusing myself or anyone that happens to stumble on this post. I crave happiness, like my last post, I want to be happy but then I am yet to find out if I will be able to write anything in that state. Is this a problem? Perhaps I am still in the process of discovering things about myself or maybe writing itself gives me joy and it doesn’t matter whichever state I am in.

As you can see, I have a serious issue, I wish I could talk to someone about this or I could just go on as it is and write when I can, I haven’t figured it out yet but until then I hope it is safe to say I write but I am not a writer! No that doesn’t make any sense or does it?


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