Dangerous Territories

“Watch your step woman” I looked up towards the sound of the warning, oh my! what on earth!

I can’t find my voice, my mouth agape I felt my face turn red

He looked at me with worry clearly written all over his face, “Whats wrong woman, Are you okay?”

I thought to myself, “why is he using woman for me, I am a young lady, cant you see that!”

With a lingering scowl on my face and mouth still wide open, I heard a tiny voice ‘Daddy, Daddy, Where are you?

The vision in my path replied, “Oh sweetheart I am here, just a moment”

He turned to me and said  “I hope you are okay woman, you almost took a fall, heading back to my family now, be safe out here please, these are dangerous territories for a lone woman”

He is the most beautiful man i have laid eyes on in months

“Dangerous Territories Indeed”


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