Trust The Wait

‘Trust the wait’ As much as i like this quote and it basically relates with the phase of my life right now, I do not think i am embracing the uncertainty or enjoying the beauty of becoming. I have heard a lot of talks about being patient or there are times when it gets hard but you just have to keep working and believing the Creator for a breakthrough.

I am a true believer and indeed i believe all things work together for good but sometimes it gets frustrating! Most youngins are clueless, myself included. How do i succeed in life! What path must i take! What must i do to differentiate myself from others! These endless list of unanswered questions I keep asking myself everyday especially when i see people being celebrated for a new discovery. I’d ask myself ‘What exactly am i doing with my life’!? I want to be this , I want to be so many things but hey, here am i, writing a frustrated post because i am nowhere near where i aspire to be. I am always trying to figure something out but what i really want is TO FIGURE something out.

Maybe this is all in my head or perhaps we are all just about the glam that most people have forgotten about making it big time. Funny thing is you don’t even know what is what anymore, I could wear a buff outfit and go out with friends, take a picture in a nice environment and post with caption ‘Life is good’ LOL It’s called choosing to be happy, i know but for how long do you choose to be happy!? Why can’t you be genuinely happy without having to choose!

Life they say is in stages, I believe i am in a stage where i have to make serious life changing decisions and it’s been pretty hard because most times i don’t even know if i am on the right path.

Adulting is serious business and to those that have passed this stage, i must commend you.

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