Midlife crisis, Your 20’s !

I am no writer so forgive me if this write up is a bit out of order. I have been thinking about this a lot, what people call midlife crisis; talking about midlife crisis, it happens usually in your forties, well that’s what many people would say but I do not agree with this notion.

I think it starts in your twenties, ask me why?

Okay let me break it down, this is time you struggle to get a good grade out of University, after that, service year ensues for Nigerians which is duration of one year, this year goes by and you start thinking what next?

For those of you born into wealth, you already know what’s next, its either you get a nice paying job in one of dad/mum’s company or through a connect (hey no sentiments here, trust me i’d like to have it easy too) or you leave the country to further your education. These set of people are the lucky ones (hate it or love it)

(Note: I am not implying that the rich ones have it easy too, I am sure they worry about different things but money isn’t one)

Now, for the rest of us and when I say the rest of us, I mean those of us trying to figure out what to do next, it gets really hard because you don’t know which direction to go and if par adventure, you have a plan, you have no means to get most things done.

You want to go back to school? You’d think about the money to fund your education first, some can still afford to do this but after that, you start hustling to get a job, for those that can’t afford to further their education, they start serious job hunting and I believe we all know that finding a pin in haystack is easier than finding a job in Nigeria without proper connect (the word here is Nepotism), so you begin to think about different ways to earn money, why? At this age and time, no one is giving you money and nobody wants to be broke. Some would go learn one trade or the other while others will settle for whatever just to survive.

In the sequence of this various event, God help you, you are a girl, your family members are already telling you to get married, this irks my soul, they’d say whatever you want to do, you can do in your husband’s house *deep sigh*, you are still trying to make something for yourself and one aunty is telling you to get married, Mind you, some girls are totally down for this, they like the full housewife life. I am not here to judge anyone, do whatever works for you. But for someone who is all about this career life, your twenties are hard , it’s that time in your life where you have to make different decisions most of which will eventually shape up your life so excuse me when I tell you your midlife crises begins in your 20’s.

Now after all the rants and poor usage of words you’ve read above, the main point I am trying to get across to you is this:

Your twenties is no joke, not easy, you want to do different things at this point and you can only do so much

This is the point in life where you want to get things right, where you have to hustle for certain things, where you plan to have a family (story for another day). In other words, your life basically begins at this point (Adulting, they say), it’s a really hard phase.

I am not here to advise you on how to live your life. I don’t even know what tomorrow holds for me either but I will keep trying because twenty years from now, I want to look back and smile thinking to myself ‘you made the right decision’

I am 24, it has been tough.

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  1. Layemi says:

    It’s never been this tough I must add, school was easy, even service year went by easy too, but this stage we are in right now has to be the mid life crisis we hear about, I turn 25 in a month, I’m out of job,I’m doing everything legit that comes my way,just so I can take care of myself,not to mention your siblings want stuff and as the big sis, you have to turn up for them.
    Above all my consolation every time is “It’ll pass..and I’m a strong believer of God so I believe, this phase, this very hard time will pass..So stay Strong Sis.

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    1. Feels says:

      Reading your comment made me smile, I believe you are doing your best and yeah, this phase shall pass, we shall definitely overcome. Thank you sis


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