I am on an island,

Echoes are my daily melody.

Tiny birds rustling around me,

hoping to get my attention, I know

Ugh needy things!

I am not swayed by their bright colors,

However beautiful they might appear.

My focus is on the water that surrounds me,

It is so appealing, 

The stillness intriguing.

It makes me wonder,

what it would feel like,

To walk in till I reach it’s depths,

Lose myself in its ripple,

The pool of water and my soul,

Entwined forever.

Peaceful I sleep on with no more worries,

No one can find me here,

It is still-water.


Who ?

I haven’t been myself lately,

I have been on a low,

It is different this time,

I might reach out for help MAYBE but

It’s like everybody is on the same low,

to each his own demon.

We can’t help each other.

All we do is quietly listen and compare

making little exclaim “wow! mine is better “

Pray tell me who’s gonna save who?

It’s too late for you

There is no redemption here,

you are lost,

in this maze called life.


Everyone looks the same,

Even the friendly eyes have monsters in them,

hiding, stalling,

quietly daring, waiting for you to slip.


The will to live is gradually fading away,

light is out, all that’s left is darkness,

shadows spiraling,

what lies beneath?


You are surrounded, so it seems

the walls are caving in,

not minding if you get sucked in, 

Or swallowed up like a rusty pin.


Never to be seen or heard of again, 

would you be missed or

would your folks be relieved ?


You’d never find out anyway 

It’s too late for you


Unawares I am struggling,

Trying to stay afloat, 

My body can’t hold the wave,

The current is too high,


My limbs are failing,

Gasping for air, 

a deep agonizing pain in my chest

Do I keep fighting ?


My thought as the wave pulled me in

wheeesh, the sound of my last breath 

Is this how it ends?

Is this what dying feels like?



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Freedom of Expression Tag: Friendship

Many thanks to my talented friend Zeina writingwithanopenheart for the nomination. I appreciate this so much and I absolutely enjoyed writing on this topic. Much love 

But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, All losses are restored and sorrows end~ William Shakespeare

“How much do I mean to you”? she asked with a spark in her eyes. “You don’t have to say anything, I get you , I know I am your best friend as you are mine”. She hugged me, she knows some things don’t need to be said , her heart knows.

A tale of the yin and yang, two opposites complimenting each other, we are different in personalty but our hearts beat the same rhythm , you know my thoughts, you can read the emotions on my face, I don’t have to speak a word, you are like a strong pillar, I can always lean on you.

You accept me for who I am , no you are not like me but the beauty is in the contrast. When others ask “how do you cope with her”? You simply smile and reply if only you knew her like I do, they wonder if you are becoming me, you shrugged, they don’t understand, how can they?

Our fights don’t last long, I am hard headed, you are the peace maker. I like to believe I will be okay without you, I say I don’t need you, sometimes I even ask you to leave me alone but you always stick around, you flatter me with ” I am lucky to be your friend” haha what is so special about me? I wonder, then you say “for someone like you, you must have seen something different in me and that’s why I am never letting you go, we are stuck together dumbie” *rolls eyes*

Friendship is so many things, you take my hand and we leap together, cover my back and I cover yours, share your pain and sorrows with me , I lighten your burden as you do mine, you weigh your actions so it doesn’t affect me. We laugh and cry, we make mistakes and learn. I mean a lot to you, I see it. You mean the world to me, You know it. This, I would never trade for anything. Friendship is YOU and I

Making friends isn’t easy for me , I take my time before getting close with anyone, some would call it trust issues, well I guess they are partly right but I like to say it’s just the way I am. I like to keep my circle small mainly because I like my stuff private and I know with many friends comes lots of garbage(in most cases). I am just so grateful to be blessed with the few friends I have and to a particularly special one whom I adore very much.

Thanks to Zeina for choosing this topic ❤ We all need good friends in our lives.

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Thank you so much for staying with me, I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this. Love and light ❤


You don’t have to like me

Some days I feel alone, other-days I’d rather be alone

Some days I want to move out and make friends, other days I question these things, do I have to? does it matter?

I really do love my space, I have few friends and I just started living alone which is working well for me, I have never been scared of being alone, it gets lonely sometimes but I don’t mind anymore, am I becoming a recluse  because I find myself not even caring for company , the only company I really want isn’t available and I just can’t bring myself to invite other people to my corner. I haven’t made new genuine friendship in years now, I have had acquaintances of course but nothing really serious. I realize once we part ways, communication is lost.

I have tried to get close to people but it just never works out, perhaps I don’t try enough or I don’t try at all. This is me, I lie on my bed on weekends with no plans and I can count the number of times I went to a club, I live by certain rules which I try not to break, ugh I don’t have to try, it’s really easy. I overthink a lot and I always weigh my options. I don’t dive into unknown waters, I am not spontaneous, I don’t even look my age

I can’t remember the last time I went window shopping or had fun with friends. My life is a routine, work and sleep. When I am not working, then I am on my bed watching movies, snacking or sleeping. I don’t turn up like we say around here, I plan my outing like days before, I am the definition of alone especially since I moved to a new city.

Now the funny thing is I am not sad, I love my life just the way it is, some would say I am wasting my 20’s because they believe this is the only time I can do it. What exactly is ‘it’ lol. These things don’t phase me really, I do what I want because I can, I can’t be another person all because I want to conform. I am 100% introverted and I just can’t escape my reality nor fight it. I won’t pretend I like going out to party and rocking loud music, I won’t pretend to like chatty people, I won’t pretend to be outgoing so I can be accepted, It will only make me miserable. Not many people understand me, some call it pride, others call it crazy or weird. It’s fine, you don’t have to like me.

I like me. I am good.

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Change is a necessary evil, the only thing that sometimes catches you unawares 

Sometimes you feel it coming, you even convince yourself to be ready 

But are you ever really ready ?

Often times we complain about our daily routine, I want to change my environment, I want to change my job, I want to change this……

Change is good but we are never really prepared for what happens after 

We are all so eager to change , we mostly forget that with it comes another challenge, another responsibility, then it won’t be long now before we seek another change

Does it ever stop!? No it doesn’t 

The funny thing is people don’t like routine, well some do but have you ever thought about it this way;

Why do you seek change? Yes to move from one situation to the other but have you noticed that even change is a cycle! Like do you ever stop changing ? It is the only constant thing.

You change your phones, wardrobe, cars , schools , friends and it goes on and on

You keep changing 

It’s something we do all through our life time, you change from a toddler to an adolescent, childhood to adulthood, everything changes. There is no stopping, you keep moving and changing.

What if I don’t want to change some things? What if I want certain things to remain the same? 

Why does everything have to change?