I wish today…..

I wish today you would cast all your cares and burdens aside

I wish today you would see the beauty that is life around you

I wish today you would inhale the fresh air and appreciate the gift that is called healthy

I wish today you would think about past glories, the journey so far, the battles fought on your behalf.

I wish today you would thank the universe for the joy of FAMILY and the love that you have spread around you.

I wish today your heart will be full of happiness all around

I wish today you will be free


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Some few weeks back, I celebrated my 26th birthday. “How does it feel to be close to 30? What has changed? What is this, what is that” These are some of the questions I was asked; to be very honest, I feel the same. Water has no color and blood is still red.

There is no physical change yet; I feel younger today than I felt yesterday. The past few months have been a roller coaster; I went through some difficult phases because I have been holding myself together just by a tiny thread for as long as I can remember. My sanity was in check and at some point, I was going to give it all up. 

I am not sure if I am bold enough to admit all is well with me at the moment but I know I am getting stronger as each day passes by. Perhaps, it’s the joy of being 26 that brought with it this new peace I found or my mama’s prayers. Either way, I am reveling in this new found hope that I will be fine. 

Grateful for 26.





Ink and Paper

Ink and Paper
Speech and Sound
You and I
Far or near
Here or there
Anywhere, everywhere
Words are feelings
Rhythms my thoughts
Melodies my soul’s whisper
And you are my song
Prisoner of love
Freedom far from sight
Passionate laws
My soul constantly abiding
Love always, pure , undiluted
My heart instantly deciding
My mind is the accused
My emotional fury
No one can predict
And u my darling
Are the jury and verdict
I can no longer tell
Dreams apart from reality
On my bed, I think of you then I fall asleep,
In my sleep, I dream of you
Wake up then start thinking of you all over again.
With you, the nights refuse to end,
And my days go on far too long
World or words
Written or spoken
Beyond the lure of lyrics’ clarity
And the pull of my heart’s gravity
Free flowing poetry it is
To write or speak of my love for you
Free flowing passion it is
To see light shine in your smile
Free flowing joy it is
In your beautiful eyes I see forever*
Hours in days
Days in weeks
I’ll still be thinking of you
My heart now depends
On these hours days and weeks
To blanket the sharp pain
I feel every-time I miss you
With u , a day is like a minute
Without you, a day is like a century
Days bring events
Weeks come with faces
And you my darling
Are my time and season …..
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Me: Ugh! I need a break

Mr X: No! you are just lazy, stop complaining and get working

Says the person that doesn’t know the struggle. 

It’s okay to take breaks, It’s okay to get some rehabilitation

It only means you are human and sometimes, you just can’t go on

Take a gap between jobs if you feel the need to

I get we make the mistake of not really settling before rushing into things

Once we are out of something, we jump right into another thing

Oh because well, people like (MR X) will call me unfocused, they will think I am not serious 

I understand people talk a lot, they always have an opinion

“You should be like this, go this way, don’t do that, it is done like that”

Please, live life according to YOUR own set rules

Go on that vacation, visit new places, have fun with friends, give yourself that BREAK

You deserve it 

Now after the break , evaluate your psyche, understand your limit, if you feel you are good to go, then by all means GO and CONQUER THE WORLD

NEVER ever apologize for taking a break.


Welcome to my ted talk, hehe. I hope you liked it ❤ 

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As misery beckons, word flows

Misery they say loves company

I always thought it wouldn’t find me

I am a loner, why should it care

Isn’t that enough sadness?

Tic Tok, time flies

This is my final destination

I must have been delusional

The hurdles I could handle

Or so I thought

Now I lay me down

Drowning in my tears

Comfort is far, oh wait!

Comfort left

Jerking and racking,

my body a good subject

Will this be the end of me?


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Have you ever wondered about how you got to a certain place/phase in your life, like what led to events that eventually shapes your life one way or the other. I am at that stage right now, this clueless phase with so many unanswered questions, the painful ache that comes from not having figured it out, the doubts and ever compelling force to scream at anyone/everybody. How did I get here ? I want answers, I need answers.

I feel like the universe is against me sometimes, I do not welcome the transition happening in my life right now, as much as I want to adapt and convince myself as I have always done that this too shall pass, I just can’t seem to do that, It isn’t working. I feel like I am stuck in this dark place with no room for light, All I do is daydream about freedom that isn’t forthcoming, it’s all in my head, Will I ever get out of here? I want help, I need help.

I need to break out of here, I tried to be strong but the inner turmoil is getting stronger, I have ignored it for so long, I shut it’s mouth every time it tries to speak, I say to myself ‘I am stronger’ I don’t feel so strong now, I might just crash and burn out, flames will fade and all that will be left won’t be recognizable. This isn’t going to be a tale of beauty for ashes. This is going to be total ruin. I am tired of this journey with it’s many troubles, I am tired of trying, I really am.


I am on an island,

Echoes are my daily melody.

Tiny birds rustling around me,

hoping to get my attention, I know

Ugh needy things!

I am not swayed by their bright colors,

However beautiful they might appear.

My focus is on the water that surrounds me,

It is so appealing, 

The stillness intriguing.

It makes me wonder,

what it would feel like,

To walk in till I reach it’s depths,

Lose myself in its ripple,

The pool of water and my soul,

Entwined forever.

Peaceful I sleep on with no more worries,

No one can find me here,

It is still-water.